Over the years I have made my own programs and desktop wallpaper, here you can download the projects I feel that are suitable for others to use or you may be interested in.

If you like the sound and or look of a project below and wish to download it you can click on the link below headed 'Download..'.

If you need any instruction on how to install or use a program/website then please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be more than happy to help.

Garmin Data Export (v1.0)  (work in progress) 


In the Garmin Training Center the one thing they are lacking is a way to print the results grid.

With this in mind I have come up with a way you can export your data from the TC into Excel with a few simple steps.


Match Stats (v2.0)  (work in progress) 


The Match Stats system is designed to help you arrange and keep track of tournaments and or leagues.

The intention was to be used for a LAN event whereby you have multiple teams and have a knock-out tournament, the system will automatically work out who plays who and keeps track of the scores you enter.

There is nothing stopping you from using this for your Darts team for in-house tournaments or pub tournaments.

As this is a web base system, to host it your self you will need MySQL 4+ and PHP 5+, if you can not host this then you may register at Match Stats ( which is hosted by myself.

Matrix Desktop Wallpaper  


A basic desktop wallpaper in the style of the Matrix. I used PhotoShop to render a chunk of binary from a image, layered it and added some cloud effect in the mask to get the end result.

Works on any operating system that supports JPG images.


Picture Resizer  


Resize images contained within a folder with one click, there is a choice of 4 resolutions and only works with JPG or GIF.

Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.


Scrolling XFire Status  


Do you use XFire? want to show off to your friends by having a status that scrolls along? then download this program that lets you do just that.

Tested on Windows XP.


CoD and Chips  


Originally when Call Of Duty was released there was no easy way to join servers that you were planning to play on for matches with a password already saved.

This little application helps you save the details for a server including the password ready for repeated access.

Tested on Windows XP with Call Of Duty (potentially could work with CoD2).